Central Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

Understanding some of your air conditioning components can help you determine if you need a service call.  On some occasions, you can use central air conditioning troubleshooting techniques to diagnose the problem.  Maybe it is something simple that can be corrected by you at home.

If your system is not cooling you will want to first check a few things out before calling a service technician.  For instance, if there is no display at the digital thermostat, you will want to check your breaker to see if the breaker has been tripped.  If this has happened, try resetting the breaker and restarting the system.  If the breaker trips again you will need to leave the system off and call a service technician.

If the breaker has not been tripped there is a possibility that your drain line has been clogged.  Keeping your drain line clean is a very important part of preventative maintenance on your system.  If you are familiar with performing your own preventative maintenance at home, you will know how to properly clean the drain line.  If you are not familiar with cleaning a drain line then you will need to call a service technician.

If no air is coming out of the supply vents, there is a possibility that your blower motor which is located within the air handler is not operating.  A central air conditioning troubleshooting method for this is to go to the air handler and listen for the blower motor to be humming normally.  There may be a burning smell coming from the air handler which could be indicative of a bad blower motor.  If this is the case, then turn the power off and call a service technician.

Sometimes the display is on at the thermostat for cooling, but there is warm air coming from the supply vent.  Another tip for central air conditioning troubleshooting is to check the condensing unit outside to see if the fan blade is turning.  If the fan blade is not turning even though you can hear the compressor operating, then turn the power off and contact a service technician.  This is most likely the cause of a bad fan motor which will need to be replaced.  If the fan blade is turning but you feel cold air coming out of the top of the condensing unit this may mean that your compressor is not operating.  Again, you will need a service technician for this repair.

These items are listed here to give you an overview of simple diagnostic things you can do at home before having to call a service technician to perform repairs.  By checking these items first when symptoms arise you may be able to alleviate the need for a service call.

Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Tips